Captain's Choice was born out of The Captain not being able to find an aftershave he liked, so he made his own.  He has help running the business now from the First Mate, a Deck Officer and assorted Deckhands.  

After months of development, our Bay Rum was released to enthusiastic reviews in October 2011. Customers rave about the aroma and tell us how glad they are to have found a full-bodied aftershave. This version of the classic category, bay rum, is quite popular with men.  But what about the ladies? Let me quote David from Philadelphia who wrote us to say:  "I am a fan of your bay rum. So is my wife.  And the two women on the elevator. And a woman sitting near me on the bus. Seriously."

In response to customer requests for an aftershave with more character, Cat O' Nine Tails was released in September 2012.  Named after the feared whip used to punish sailors aboard sailing ships, Cat O' Nine Tails brings some serious personality to a man's morning routine.  Customers tell us it delivers the building warmth of a heat lamp that simply has to be experienced!  Watch the video review of it here and you can just see the heat set in with Nick.


In April 2013 our third aftershave was introduced - Lime.  With a gentler approach to an aftershave, its subtle and authentic lime scent evokes lazy day thoughts of the tropics.  Customers remark how much they like the initial hit of genuine lime and go on to describe its interesting spice undertone.  One customer from south Florida wrote to say that after first using it he walked across the street, plucked a lime off his neighbor's tree, sliced it open and sniffed.  The lime from the tree was an exact match to our aftershave!   

Captain's Choice spent many months developing the perfect lather bowl. Taking the input of many volunteers using a variety of prototypes, our custom lather bowls were released in July 2013.  Handcrafted by a professional potter to our design and available in four popular colors, customers rave about them.  They cite a number of helpful features: the ideal diameter, the low inwardly turned sides, our conveniently located button for a secure thumb rest and the effective ridges that help create a rich lather.  Don't take our word for it, view the brief video review of our lather bowls by checking out the Reviews page right here.

In February 2014, our fourth aftershave, North, was released.  Done as a collaboration with one of our retailers, it fills a unique niche in the market. Take a morning saunter through the north woods and revel in the notes of juniper and pine with just a hint of bay.  This is the aftershave that any lumberjack just HAS to have.  Smell ruggedly fresh from the first splash and bring that north woods vibe to your post shave routine.  Let your face luxuriate in feeling moisturized all day - your skin will love you.  Take a quick look at the listing here to see what customers have to say!

Summer of 2014 is when we began development of our latest aftershave, Sandalwood.  The Captain spent a good deal of time evaluating present offerings in the market to make sure his would stand apart.  All existing sandalwood aftershaves had a very prominent note with a multi-dimensional scent.  So the work began on a one-of-a-kind Sandalwood aftershave with a gentler one-note scent.  It took months of work and many trial batches as it has with each scent.  Once volunteers tried it they only had one question:  "How long until I can buy a WHOLE BOTTLE of it?!!!"  With their nearly unanimous approval, production got underway.  Officially launched in October 2014 this take on the classic scent has been roundly embraced by customers.

With a fascinating selection like this, there is an aftershave for every day of the week.  No matter which aftershave you choose you can count on the dependable moisturizing quality that customers report lasting all day long.  Read more about each aftershave in our Store.

March 2015 marked the release of a new product line for the company, shaving soaps.  Months of research and testing by volunteers went into this line before being released.  Over thirty volunteers evaluated this unique shaving soap and ended up raving about its performance and reliability.  Scented with the same proprietary concentrates found in our aftershaves, customers now have a brand where they can match their soap to their aftershave!  Bay Rum was released first, followed by Sandalwood, then Lime and finally North.

Enthusiasts and professionals in the world of wet shaving agree.  Your morning can finally be complete with Captain's Choice at hand.  Check out the Reviews page to see for yourself.  Or look at the customer feedback under each product page and read what they have to say about their Captain's Choice experience. 

Welcome aboard and enjoy!