Bolzano Superinox Double Edge Blades


Bolzano Superinox Double Edge Blades


Titanium plated blades

Pack of 5 blades

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The legend lives on!  Manufactured in Germany with Italian production equipment, this blade has been a best seller in Italy for nearly 100 years.  Close Italian supervision ensures that the reputation of this blade will remain intact for another century.

Devoted Master Italian Barbers will settle for nothing less than the finest in the pursuit of their craft, and this is the blade they have come to depend upon generation after generation.  Why?  More than anything else, the Master Barbers rave about the sharpness, reliability, and long life of these blades.  The advanced titanium plating process ensures smoothness during your shave that is without equal!  

These blades have not been easy to find, until now.  Finally they can be yours, as can the shave delivered by a Master Barber.   

Made in Germany