Lather Bowl - Cobalt


Lather Bowl - Cobalt


Made in America and shipping worldwide!

A deep cobalt blue lather bowl with a high gloss finish.

Matching soap locker is pictured below - click to enlarge. 

(Second picture illustrates each lather bowl packed in its own fitted box with Captain's Choice logo emblazoned on the lid.)

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See the YouTube review of this bowl in action under our Review tab.

This lather bowl brings a sense of masculinity to any bathroom!  It is glazed in a high-gloss, deep cobalt blue, evoking a unique richness that is simply stunning. Handcrafted by a local potter to our specifications, each lather bowl features ridges on the bottom to expedite the lathering process.  These measure approximately 4 1/2" wide and 1 1/4" deep with a finish very similar to that pictured.*  Its low, inwardly-turned sides not only contain the lather but also eliminate knocking the brush against the sides.  The convenient "button" with our signature compass rose on the side adds a touch of class while also serving a functional role.  With lather bowl in hand and your thumb on the textured button, you will find the bowl planted securely in your palm as you lather - perfect!

If you get one of our lather bowls you just have to consider a tub of our proprietary Captain's Choice shaving soap!  Or, take a look at our convenient Shaving Soap Sample Pack where you can try all four soaps!

If you are overseas here is how you order:

We are now shipping our lather bowls around the world.  If you reside outside of the USA, simply email us with the color and size of the lather bowl you would like.  We will then invoice you and ship your order within one business day after receiving your payment.  It is that easy!

(Shipping to Canada is $15.00, and shipping to Europe and elsewhere is $24.00.  If there are any Customs charges assessed they are the responsibility of the customer.  Although this is a rare occurrence, it has been known to happen.)

*As with any handmade item each piece will vary slightly in size and finish.  

Feedback from our customers:

This lather bowl is the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand while whipping up some monster lather. But it is certainly large enough to generate some excellent performing lather.  The curved sides keep the lather contained in the bowl where you want it too. This lather bowl is an excellent product and a great value as well.”   Jamie

"I have been searching for the perfect bowl to use for lathering. That search is now over with the Captain's Choice lather bowl. Its size is ideal and easy to hold. Its production is first class as it is well made and built to last. But most importantly, its performance is top notch—the ridges in the bottom aid building a fast and thick lather, and the bowl's height is just right where the lather stays contained as it is whipped up. Captain's Choice has done it again!"   Luke

"The lather bowl looks and feels amazing when holding it.  I used it this morning and it made the best lather ever for the shave cream I am using.  I've used that cream 19 times before today and have never had it explode like it did in the bowl.  I think the cream really liked the ridges in the bottom of the bowl and it was just wonderful.  Now I want to get another one for backup!"   David