* LARGE * Lather Bowl - Gunmetal


* LARGE * Lather Bowl - Gunmetal


Made in America and shipping worldwide!

Gunmetal is always in style no matter the surroundings.  Just like our original size lather bowls but all grown up.  

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See the YouTube reviews of our lather bowls in action.

This lather bowl has a beautiful presentation and a hint of formality.  Coated in a high-gloss black glaze with a lightly textured, fleck metallic overlay, this one-of-a-kind finish is simply stunning.  No wonder it is one of our most popular colors!

Handcrafted by a local potter to our specifications, each lather bowl begins as a lump of clay on a potter's wheel.  The beauty of handmade pottery is that no two lather bowls are exactly the same. 

Ridges on the bottom expedite the lathering process, and the low profile eliminates the "clinking" of the brush against the sides.  In addition, the contoured sides help contain the lather.  The convenient "button" with our signature compass rose on the side adds a touch of class while also serving a functional role.  With lather bowl in hand and your thumb on the textured button, you will find the bowl planted securely in your palm as you lather - perfect!

We developed this larger size bowl in response to customer requests.  Measuring approximately 5 1/4" wide and 1  3/4" deep with a finish very similar to that pictured, this one has some serious capacity.*  This item is geared for those who need more room to lather; for those who favor a bigger brush; or for those who just prefer a larger size.  At first glance it may not seem that much larger, but the increased volume is significant.  The Captain has used both for some time now and would be hard-pressed to pick which size he prefers - they both excel in their own right.

Should you choose to become the proud owner of a Captain's Choice lather bowl, you simply must consider a tub of our proprietary soap or shaving cream!  Or, take a look at our convenient Sample Packs where you can try them all!

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*As with any handmade item each piece will vary slightly in size and finish.