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A crisp, subtle fragrance that will rejuvenate your mornings. 

Proudly handcrafted in America.

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Captain’s Choice has brought to market a genuine lime aftershave that is in a class unto itself!  Now you can look forward to the subtle aroma of a truly natural lime scent each morning.  Unscrew the cap, take a whiff and savor a true lime fragrance that will make you grin every time.  

Customers not only love the gentle lime scent but remark how they like the soft tingle on their freshly shaven face.  Following the dry down they tell us their face feels moisturized all day.  Customers tell us how the scent is never too strong, just “there” for the enjoyment.  Finally, an authentic and superior lime aftershave!

Made with all natural ingredients and packaged in a four-ounce amber glass bottle.

Ingredients:  Alcohol, witch hazel, essential oils and extracts, glycerin.

Recommended Pairings: Lime Shave Balm, Lime Shaving Cream, Lime Shaving Soap

Captain’s Choice is a winner when I compare it against other lime aftershaves.  Fabulous scent.  All lime zest up front, fresh off the lime tree!  In back I get these really deep, warm non-lime citrus elements that bring it all together.  For me, the most amazing thing about the splash is the outstanding skin conditioning after dry down - remarkable!

- Matt, Michigan

Captain’s Choice Lime has a crisp lime scent with a nice subtle tingle that quickly dissipates and dries.  My face has been noticeably less irritated than with the other aftershaves I had been using.  My significant other loves the scent as well so double bonus!

- Andrew, North Carolina

The Captain does it again and I find this, like his other two aftershaves to be “interesting” scents.  There is a lot going on scent-wise while at the same time remaining subtle.  Very nice.

- Tommy, Pennsylvania

Having used the other two Captain’s Choice aftershaves, I knew I would have to try the lime version.  One try of the small sample and I was hooked.  The amazing lime scent is a mellow, low key take on lime and has great skin conditioning properties.

- Karl, Maryland

I had to try his new lime aftershave when it came out.  This stuff is authentic lime and natural.  If you want more lime scent you will need to rub a lime on your face.  This is GREAT stuff!

- Randy, Florida