A gentle, refreshing one note version of the classic scent.

Proudly handcrafted in America.

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Here is a sandalwood aftershave that delivers a modern take on the classic scent.  This was developed with the help of dozens of volunteers over the course of several months.  The guys really liked this one and their wives / girlfriends told us they LOVED the scent on their man.  Possessing a low key profile and gentle, lingering aroma here at last is a well balanced aftershave for the ages. With some zest upon application, the masculine scent evokes timeless tradition.  This is the ideal choice for a man who wants dependable aftershave performance with moisturizing comfort all day long.

Packaged in a four-ounce amber glass bottle.

Ingredients:  Alcohol, fragrance oils, essential oils and extracts, glycerin. 

Recommended Pairings: Sandalwood Shave Balm, Sandalwood Shaving Cream, Sandalwood Shaving Soap

Don't take our word for it, read what actual volunteers have to say:

"I enjoyed the fragrance A LOT - this is easily one of the best ones I have ever smelled."    Nick

"The scent is straight sandalwood - I like the simplicity and the warmth of it. It opens with the expected alcohol burn, but dries down very quickly to a soothing, pure sandalwood. I can still smell a whiff or two a couple hours after my shave."   Paul

"I really like  the subtleness of this aftershave.  After shaving and using this it keeps my skin feeling soft, my face still feels very moisturized hours after use."   Greg

"Thanks for the sample of your new Sandalwood aftershave. My wife LOVES it. It has (as she told me) a nice subtle scent that is not overpowering. My adult son also liked it."  James

"Your sandalwood  feels great on the face. This product is right on par with the other Captain’s Choice products that are in my rotation and right in there as far as making the face feel good. Bravo!!"  Erich

"I love the scent, very natural smell to it.  It is the perfect blend. I believe this is one of the best sandalwood aftershaves I have smelled."  Dusty

"What a scent!  It is natural, woodsy and very masculine.  Not powdery in the least!  The scent retains a nice power for an hour or two and then fades but is still there.  I like the scent so much I reapply when I get home from work."   Doug

"I think you have a winner here, I really like the smell."   Hark              

"It is a very calming aftershave experience which I welcome since I shave at night."  Michael

"Topical application felt good going on, a nice clean feeling.  The scent is top notch and fades after an hour for me."  Aaron

"It's truly unique being a straight-up sandalwood and the moisturizing properties are there.  My wife really liked it and she is not a scent person at all.  In my opinion you nailed it with this sandalwood."  Dan

"The scent is great and, for me, very enjoyable and pleasant.  I believe all around it is an exceptional product, the formula left my skin feeling great and the scent is very well balanced."   Jim

"I  love every drop of this sandalwood.  You have a winner here!"  Dustin