Semogue Owners Club Brush

CChBrush 05.jpg
CChBrush 05.jpg

Semogue Owners Club Brush


Made from the finest boar bristles available to provide the ultimate shaving experience.

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Semogue is well known for their boar brushes and this is arguably the best production boar brush available. It has the finest boar bristles available, carefully selected to provide the ultimate shaving experience.  The ergonomic cherry wood handle fits a variety of hand sizes and the "little extra length" of the brush has proven popular with customers.  After a dozen uses the ends will have split and softened even further for a future lifetime of memorable mornings.

Hand made in Portugal to the highest quality standards.

Total Height:  116 mm

Loft:  55 mm

Knot Diameter:  24 mm

Feedback from our customers:

"Bought one of these brushes a couple of months ago and have used every day. This is the ultimate boar. While they say it takes time to break in, I have found that mine has been wonderful from the start. Great at lathering all kinds of soaps and creams and I find it very pleasant on my face. For the money, this is a superb performer."