Explore: Cat O' Nine Tails

Are you sure you can handle it?

Even for the seasoned explorer, there can be times where the shaving journey begins to feel routine. In a quest to revitalize his own journey, The Captain ventured off into the darkest, most vicious seas. From the brink of disaster he returned with the rigorous, acute, and exhilarating feeling of Cat O' Nine Tails.  Now you can share and relive that experience every day.


Cat O' Nine Tails provides the invigorating experience every man craves.  Think bay rum extreme.  Once it hits your cheeks a slow warmth builds and BUILDS until it plateaus with a sensational warming of the face. 

The Cat has a familiar fragrance – much like Bay Rum. One customer described the scent well when he first discovered it, saying it was "deeper, darker and somehow more mysterious - the evil twin of your bay rum aftershave."