Shaving is more than a daily routine

Every morning, men around the world roll out of bed and plod through their morning routine.  While many simply treat shaving as a part of their day, there can be so much more to the shaving experience - and it is just waiting to be discovered.

Shaving is an invigorating experience

An endless variety of grooming tools – razors, brushes, soaps, balms, and aftershaves – make each day one to look forward to. Discover the irresistible slickness of a shaving cream. Revel in the sensational aroma of a new scent.  Create lather in record time with a custom lather bowl.  These and countless other selections are available for you to venture through at your own pace and pleasure.

Shaving is a Journey

Whether you are just setting sail with traditional shaving or you are a seasoned wet shaver looking to broaden your horizons, step aboard the good ship Captain's Choice.  Here you can embrace the thrill of discovery each day with a wide selection of items that deliver variety with every shave. We look forward to being a part of your shaving journey.